Elementary Program

Elementary: Grades 1 – 6

Our Elementary Education program balances the child’s developing imagination and power of abstraction with concrete, hands-on materials – the best possible foundation for the development of language, math and science skills.

Montessori described the child at the elementary stage as having unlimited interests in our universe and their place in it. For this reason, we present all subject areas and allow students the freedom to explore in depth, at their own pace. Teachers give individual and small group presentations for each curriculum area. The students work individually and in small groups doing research, writing, and presenting projects to the class. Classroom materials have a structured sequence of progression, leading to the joys of discovery and understanding. Teachers help facilitate creativity, independent thinking, and responsibility in each student.

While every child is required to meet the minimum standards set out by the State, no boundaries are set on the breadth or depth of their study.

Ongoing school day activities include Spanish language instruction, art, music classes, and professional recording artists, physical education, and cultural presentations.

Before and After School care is available, and we have optional enrichment activities available in our school program. Our students enjoy staying after school to socialize with friends, learn to be a Chess Scholar, knit, scrapbook, and more! We have professional music instructors who offer lessons on site after school; contact us to learn more.