Middle School Program

Middle School Program – Grades 7-8

No longer a child, not yet an adult, students at this age often find themselves in a world with confusing messages. We are very pleased to offer this carefully designed curriculum for the adolescent student as they move into a new plane of development.

Our curriculum exceeds the common core standards and will ensure that each student is prepared for High School and beyond. Students will work individually and with others to prepare and present projects which demand higher cognitive learning as they develop time management and leadership skills.

This 2-year program consists of five week learning cycles integrating Math, Language, Science, Social Science, followed by one week of immersion in activities and locations that reinforce their knowledge and understanding. Long term independent study projects, collaborate problem solving, service projects, and a student run business are just a few of the activities included in this program that is both challenging and intensely motivating to the middle school student.

The benefits of our unique Montessori Middle School include:

  • Individualized classroom instruction
  • A safe, respectful, and supportive learning environment for all students
  • Meaningful and challenging academics
  • Development of independent learning, creativity, and critical thinking
  • Opportunities for leadership and experiential learning
  • Positive self-confidence and self awareness
  • A sense of community and preparation for life

After school Study Hall is included in the tuition price. Additional before and after school hours are also available.