Montessori Method

Order, independence, cooperation, respect

The Montessori philosophy is a child-centered educational method based on the child development observation and research conducted by Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori. She discovered that children are born with a natural curiosity and love of learning. She understood that children learn most effectively by doing rather than passively accepting the ideas of others. Our Montessori teachers are child advocates who respect each child’s individuality. The goal is to facilitate and nurture all facets of the children’s development from ages 2 – 14 years, which in turn will improve their readiness as they enter each new phase of their education.

Key components of our Montessori program include multi-age classes that foster peer relationships and learning, uninterrupted blocks of work time, and guided choice of learning activity. Specially designed Montessori learning materials are carefully arranged in a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment to encourage independence, concentration, and a sense of order. Each child learns to exercise individual choice and make use of the environment in a way that meets their developmental as well as educational needs.

“From the moment the child enters the classroom, each step in his education is seen as a progressive building block, ultimately forming the whole person, in the emergence from childhood to adult. All focus is on the needs of the child,” Maria Montessori.

We know there are many options available in DuPage County for your child’s education. We encourage you to visit Montessori Academy of Glen Ellyn to observe for yourself the Montessori philosophy in action.