Pre-Primary Program

Preschool and Kindergarten (3-6 years)

This program nurtures the development of the whole child through an individualized learning environment in a mixed-age setting. Hands-on materials build a strong foundation in reading, math and cultural studies. Children who have attended our Toddler program will recognize some familiar activities and materials, expanded upon as they learn and grow. Grace, courtesy, and respect are important aspects for this age group. The student – teacher ratio is 10:1.

Pre-school aged children may attend half day (morning or afternoon) options, and for those 4 years and older a full day program is also available. Before and after school care is available. Our outdoor environment is an important part of our Preprimary program. Weather permitting, we spend time outdoors every day for free play, organized games, nature walks, or lessons in botany, zoology, and environmental sciences.

A Word about Kindergarten

We know how important your child’s development is to you, and take great joy in watching each child grow. Kindergarten is an important year, as for the Montessori child it is the culminating year in the 3-6 year old cycle. The first two years of the curriculum lay a careful foundation for this exciting time of rapid maturity and intense focus. In our Kindergarten, your child will:

  • Use the tools she has already mastered and apply them to the academic subjects
  • Discover advanced language, math, and science materials and learn at his or her own pace rather than being held back, pushed forward prematurely, or compared to peers.
  • Become more confident in abstract thinking, while new ideas continue to be explored and introduced through concrete materials
  • Flourish in a classroom environment that promotes mutual respect and global perspective
  • Be a LEADER in the classroom; Kindergarteners can be very adept teachers and positive role models for the younger students
  • Recognize the value of his or her own ideas, and respect the creative process of others

Individual academic opportunities are tailored to each child preparing for first grade the following year, including access to more advanced Elementary level work as appropriate.