Parent-child program

Parent/Child Class
Welcome to the Montessori parent/child program at MAGE! The parent/child class was developed for families with children from birth to 23 months old. The class provides a unique and wonderful opportunity for the child and parent/caregiver to experience time together in a prepared Montessori environment.
During this weekly class a Montessori-trained guide introduces activities and materials appropriate for their development that will help develop social skills, concentration, communication and a sense of belonging that will help prepare them for the Toddler program.
The mixed age environment is a natural learning space which allows younger, non-mobile children to observe with curiosity the older children who are crawling, pulling up, walking, etc. The appropriate sized furniture, movement apparatus, and social interactions within this community set the path for further learning.
All parent/child classes are held in the toddler classroom on Friday mornings 8:45am-10:15am at Montessori Academy of Glen Ellyn. Parent/child members are welcome and encouraged to participate in other MAGE school family events.