A Montessori environment is the perfect setting for our son. At MAGE he has been encouraged to pursue his passions for language and science and given the challenge he needs in these areas. The result is not only happiness with school but willingness and even eagerness to explore academic areas outside his core interests.

Jennifer Bowen-Shauver

I love the encouraging environment! To see my son at 3rd grade level planning his day and accomplishing his own goals is very exciting. His confidence is solid. The children all participate, and they all are comfortable sharing with one another, even giving speeches.

The acceptance of all children is unrivaled! I have never been in a school setting where such love is shown to all students by one another!! My son loves the school and so do I.

Bonnie Fisher

MAGE has had countless positive impacts on Nathan. The MAGE teachers have open communication & offer great advice so they’ve been a constant support system. They’ve allowed me to mirror Nathan’s school experience at home. I think that it’s this consistency that has allowed him to grow in so many ways… self-help skills, confidence, concentration. I also appreciate my view into Nathan’s interests. I learn so much about him by the work he brings home, and this allows me to adjust our activities and toys at home to suit his interests at the time. I’m also grateful to have him in a place where our same values are enforced… grace, courtesy, healthy eating. We’re at complete ease when Nathan is at MAGE!

Bethany Mabee

At MAGE, my daughter has developed a strong identity as a reader, writer, and thinker across the content areas. As a result of the Montessori approach to teaching and the school’s learning environment, she does not hesitate to tackle engaging in research to answer questions and tasks that require problem-solving. These are invaluable skills that I know can only serve to carry her forward in life. I am very grateful to MAGE for my daughter’s experience there!

Sunday Cummins

We have found that with the help of the Montessori approach Jadeyn has been able to understand how to handle frustrating situations. She began by getting very upset and throwing things. Now she knows she can talk about her feelings.

Kathy Snodell

I like that you don’t get in trouble, but you get help.

Christopher Shauver, student

We love Montessori because Simon truly benefits from being able to choose what he wants to work on during the day – it’s perfect for his decisive nature. And I see a confidence in him that’s continuing to grow because of it, too. This being his second year, I notice his leadership coming through, due greatly to Montessori’s mixed-age classroom, and I beam when he kindly (most days!) instructs his little brother on how to do something or asks for his opinion. He’s learning to treat his brother as a whole person because he gets treated as a whole person at school. We are so thankful for that. Plus, Simon is always eager for school (as is Jonah, though a bit more cautiously). Not having to drag my child out the door for school is another thing we our absolutely thankful for.

A hearty applause for the teachers in the pre-primary and toddler classrooms.

Your love and care for the students shines. As Simon would say, “¡Muy bien!”

Marti Tiedeman-Bratt

At MAGE our boys are able to do what boys do best: be curious. They are encouraged to act on their natural curiosity, allowed to explore their individual interests, learn from their experiences as well as that of their classmates, and as a result of the tender nurturing and the genuine caring of the teachers at MAGE, we’re confident that all of our boys will grow to be life-long learners.

Mother of 5 boys

My children have experienced the toddler, pre-primary, and elementary programs at this school, and they are all wonderful. We are looking forward to the new middle school program for my oldest. I have observed a number of other Montessori schools in my career and when making the decision on schools for my own children, and the staff and environment here at MAGE feels the most inviting and family oriented. Clean and organized, but not sterile or rigid; warm and loving, but not without boundaries or appropriate expectations. Developmentally based, child-centered education at its best. Thank you MAGE!

Mom of 3 happy learners